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Docker (All-in-one)Beta. Not production ready. Deploy from webOne-Click Upgrade, Tech Support Stablev1.4.2 (Sep 13, 2021)

- Installation Guides
- Release Notes and Upgrade Tutorials
- Source code: iRedMail, iRedAPD, iRedAdmin, mlmmjadmin.

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It's recommended to use the new iRedMail Easy deployment and support platform to deploy and keep your mail server up to date, technical support is available through the ticket system.

Distribution Distribution Release OpenLDAP PostgreSQL MariaDB SOGo Groupware [1] netdata monitor
CentOS 7, 8
Note: CentOS Project shifts focus to CentOS Stream, CentOS 8 will end at the end of 2021.
CentOS Stream 8
Rocky Linux 8
Debian 11 (Recommend), 10 NOT available on Debian 11.
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Recommend), 18.04 LTS
FreeBSD 13.x
OpenBSD 6.9
  • [1] SOGo groupware provides webmail, calendar (CalDAV), contacts (CardDAV), tasks and ActiveSync services. Mobile devices (iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10) work well with ActiveSync. Check our documents to setup mobile clients.