Support Ticket

  • Solving an issue occured on your iRedMail server
  • Mail us and clearly explain the issue
  • $149 per-issue.
    Depends on the issue, direct ssh access with root privilege may be required.
  • Note: ssh connection only, no TeamViewer/AnyDesk or similar GUI tool.

What Customer Said

... for anyone out there struggling, WELL WORTH GETTING A SUPPORT TICKET. Response was very quick and Zhang logged in and fixed the issue in a matter of a few seconds, literally saving me hours of work.
Very happy with the support on this.

Remote Installation

  • Install the latest iRedMail release on supported Linux/BSD distributions.
  • The server must be FRESH, CLEAN.
  • $300 per-time, per-installation

Remote Upgrade

  • Upgrade an existing iRedMail server to the new release immediately follow it. For example, if you're running iRedMail-0.9.0, this upgrade service will upgrade it to iRedMail-0.9.1, not the latest iRedMail-0.9.9. You can find iRedMail version number in file /etc/iredmail-release.
  • Upgrading iRedMail doesn't install new components shipped in new iRedMail release.
  • If you have any customization for Roundcube webmail or other softwares, you have to sync the customizations yourself and manually after upgrading.
  • If you own a valid iRedAdmin-Pro license, we will upgrade the iRedAdmin-Pro software to the latest stable release too.
  • $149 per new release

What Customer Said

I ordered remote upgrade support ... Everything worked so smoothly, that there was no service interruption, no angry users and not a single mail lost. Thanks again, it was well worth the money!

Thomas Liesner, Aug 27, 2009

Migrate to iRedMail server

  • Migrate from:
  • Gmail, Google Apps
  • Zimbra
  • Microsoft Exchange (cannot migrate user passwords)
  • Old iRedMail server or Linux/BSD based mail server
  • Standard IMAP server like Dovecot, Cyrus-IMAP
  • Depends on the number of mail domains/users/aliases, mailbox size, and other data needed to be migrated, the price may be different, there isn't a fixed price for migration service.